Aruntam – Native Courage

“Strength is my courage; courage is my tomorrow; my decisions reflect the values of a person who never gives up despite everything and everybody.”
Luna Del Grande

This phrase describes me very well and illustrates the course of my journey in developing my business activity.

When I arrived in Europe all those years ago I never thought I would stay and put down roots. The idea of travelling in search of knowledge was something very essential for me. I wanted to learn what life had to offer me and to do so as well as possible. I absorbed like a sponge everything I could in my sector: floriculture. This led me to create a business activity which for many years grew, just like my desire to tackle increasingly greater challenges.

As time passed I came to understand that that world was not enough for me. As I saw things, only “the sky is the limit”. Yes. For me the sky is the only limit on what I can do.

A number of significant encounters at an International floriculture fair gave me a new idea, which over time became a veritable “fixation” – to add a food “branch” to my company. I decided to introduce Cacao and Chocolate to my range of products.

At the end of 2012 I began working in a field hitherto unknown to me.  Aware that no progress would be made without knowledge of the products, I, along with my assistants, undertook a period of training which showed us what we wanted to do and what we were able to do. Over time we discovered a “new world” and met the “right” people, with whom we were able to commence activity. Out of nothing, this activity has put down deep roots and we are now in a position to take a further step forward.

The path taken by the company and by all the people who work here has been long. However, we have always had the courage to take risks and the desire to do something new, even if we did not know where our road would take us; the courage to act even if we were going towards the unknown; the courage to grow and to make the company grow; the same courage which has brought us here.

For this reason, when I was looking for a name to use for one of our latest projects, I chose ARUNTAM. It is a rare word which represents the spirit of courage for an Amazonian tribe linked to my childhood: the Shuar. It seemed the perfect word, describing and illustrating as it does the story of our journey towards a new and unknown “land”.

Producing our Chocolate was the logical consequence of all this. I can’t say that it has been simple. However, thanks to in-depth study and to our motivated work group, we are now at the beginning of a new phase in the life of our company. I hope, indeed we all hope, that the great passion and love which we have lavished on this first “I Volti del Mondo” (Faces of the World) Collection may be seen in every single fruit of our creations.

So here we are today, after putting into practice the “theory” of what for us represents the world of Gourmet Chocolate. We are ready to present you with our very personal Chocolate Collection – the result of all we have learned in these years of hard work.

Enjoy the Chocolate!
Pia Rivera