“Good chocolate only comes from good cacao”.

Excellent products can only be obtained by selecting the best raw materials. Since 2012 we have been involved in an ongoing training project in order to acquire ever greater awareness and knowledge of the world so as to be able to select only raw materials of excellent quality.

With ARUNTAM our intention is to recount a story through our products,  a story suffused with enthusiasm and courage. These have led us to the creation of our range, on tiptoe, full of the hope that lovers of good chocolate may taste the result which can be obtained from our raw materials.

The word ARUNTAM recalls the Spirit of Courage of an indomitable Ecuadorian tribe, the same spirit which has inspired us to expertly mix native ingredients with the acknowledged mastery and taste of Made in Italy. ARUNTAM represents the iron will of Pia Rivera to create something special in the world of chocolate. Pia is the ideator and the mainstay of the entire project who personally follows each stage of the processing, from the selection of raw materials and cocoa beans, to the entire manufacturing, personally making recipes and bars.

The cacao used in our chocolate respects the “Direct & EcoTrade” philosophy. Agreements are concluded directly with producers in the countries of origin and the cacao is also purchased directly from them. In this way the independent development of the communities is promoted and the cultivation of this wonderful fruit supported. This system allows us to have total control of the channeling system of our most important raw material. We attempt to respect the same philosophy with all the ingredients used in our processing.

We believe that ARUNTAM – Coraggio Nativo is the range which best expresses the idea of top quality chocolate. It is an original product which arouses emotions in those who taste it. The entire channeling system is directly controlled – from selection of the best cacao beans to packaging of the bars.

The bars are created according to the Raw Method. This entails subjecting all ingredients to minimal processing so as to preserve their organoleptic properties as far as possible.

Adopting this method, and using only “selected raw materials”, has resulted in our first range of Single Origins: “The Faces of the World”. We hope to find amongst those who appreciate our offerings people who are looking for products with unique organoleptic properties which are capable of transmitting sensations and emotions in those who taste them.

Our products are also Organic and VeganOK certified: savor to the full this sensory experience as you taste our chocolate!