Fine Raw White Veg

Cacao Single Farm Ecuador

& Mandolat di Toritto 72½

Chocolate bar of 60 g

Our White Raw Veg bar is the result of the union of Raw Nacional cacao butter of the “Hacienda El Pechichal”, Guayas – Ecuador, which keeps intact the “Complejo Nacional” of Ecuadorian cacao, and of “Mandorla di Toritto”, fruit of the native cultivar “Filippo Cea”, grown, gathered and transformed into an alternative to milk within an uncontaminated and protected environment: the Alta Murgia National Park. Two products which create a White Raw Vegan single origin chocolate with a pleasing initial sensation of alcohol, and floral and nut notes. It combines perfectly with the Sicilian candied orange peel and the best Toritto almonds to re-evoke the typical sweet specialities of Southern Italy.
BRONZE – 2018 International Chocolate Awards – European Bean-to-Bar Competition
Photo Giovanna Gori ©