The Faces of the World


The Faces of the World


This collection is dedicated to all those who work each day to offer us the best fruits of the earth: faces representing places and people often forgotten or underestimated; individuals who contribute to making the world a better place. We chose a 72½ percentage for our bars because we wanted to do something surprising and different in the world of chocolate. We wanted to create a tasty product with a high percentage of is cacao, able to satisfy those who already love intense chocolate and those who are introducing their palates for the very first time to dark chocolate. In our bars we have only used Coconut Blossom Sugar, the “nectar” whose glycemic index is lower than that of cane sugar. They are recommended for those looking for products with a low glycemic index who don’t want to sacrifice the sweet pleasure of a chocolate with sugar. We thought that adding 27.5% of this kind of sugar was the perfect compromise for all.


The unique percentage of cacao in our bars will help experts who want to conduct horizontal sensory analysis. Various types of cacao with the same sugar percentage allow the differences between the origins to be appreciated to the fullest and our collection will be a perfect ally in discovering the organoleptic properties of each origin. However, 72 and a half, i.e. neither 72 nor 73, indicates our desire to find a “perfect recipe” in which the fabulous aromatic notes of original cacao stand out whilst its special characteristics are maintained. For fans of numerology we’d like to add that 72 is considered to be the number of the Earth. It also expresses solidarity in multiplicity: harmony and reciprocity in universal relations. In mythology there were 72 descendants of Noah. It is, therefore, a number which represents to the full our “The Faces of the World” collection, with which we wish to celebrate harmony with our planet and with all the peoples of the Earth.