In recent years, the word Raw (or Virgin) has become increasingly common in the world of chocolate.

In English-speaking countries the word is used to indicate something which is uncooked. This is therefore why we often hear people speak of “Raw Chocolate”. However, its best meaning is “untreated” or “pure” and this is the meaning it has for us.

Chocolate cannot be created from fresh fruit – the raw cacao beans. However, if the right equipment is used, a chocolate can be made in which the raw material, the fermented and dried cacao bean, is “stressed” as little as possible.

This means selecting only the best cacao beans and regulating temperatures, keeping them low whilst also sanitizing the product. The result is processing in short cycles which preserves as far as possible the organoleptic and chemical-physical properties of the product.

This is why we say that our chocolate is “minimally processed”. Our aim is to preserve the purity and authenticity of our products with the help of the best technology available, because tradition and future are not irreconcilably at odds but can, if used correctly, increase each other’s value.