P.G.I. Piemonte Hazelnut

The Piemonte Hazelnut


Piemonte is a land full of traditions and local specialities. Le Langhe – or rather Langa – hill – have been grown for generations and testify to the attachment to the land of those who have toiled for centuries to make this earth productive.

The hazelnut tree requires acid, well-ventilated soil with good water capacity, such as that of these hilly areas.

The variety is the Nocciola Tonda Gentile, recognized internationally for its extremely high quality and protected by the Consorzio di Tutela (Consortium of Protection).

The exceedingly fragrant Pasta di Nocciole is obtained simply by long grinding. The paste and a single-origin Ecuadorian cacao are a perfect match for recreating the traditional Gianduja recipe. The simplicity and genuineness of these ingredients help our palate to appreciate their unique flavours.