La nostra filosofia

Making chocolate well means showing respect for the environment, and the social sustainability

Our Cacao seeds, after careful selection, were purchased directly from the growers, combining the philosophy of “Direct Trade Cacao” in order to promote the autonomous development of communities in the places of origin, and support the cultivation of this wonderful fruit. Fortunately, in recent years, we have seen a process of making small farmers aware of the value of their work. For this reason they have formed consortia and associations through which they are able to determine the selling price of cacao and to dialogue directly with foreign buyers, which was impossible before. This has allowed them to create real “networks”, through which not only to market the products at their best, but also to confront and learn new solutions to face together the problems of their work. Well-paid farmers are proud of their work and are encouraged to maintain high quality for future crops.
The result is an ever-greater care of the environment where today the farmers are the main proponents of a return to respect and protection of the territory in which they operate. Because cacao cannot be considered a simple raw material and the time has come to give value to all the people who cultivate it, paying them the right price for their efforts. This also makes it possible to preserve for the future the genetic diversity of the distinct Cacao, a richness that must not be absolutely dispersed. Our ingredients, not only cacao, are the “fruit” of people who have decided to change their lives, investing in ethical work, of those who managed to significantly improve the territory in which they live, individuals who in their daily work, with simplicity, handed down the traditions, sometimes millennial, of their native land. Our products represent our small contribution to the efforts of all those who with effort, passion and dedication have allowed our dream to become a reality.