Coconut Blossom Sugar

Coconut Blossom Sugar


Our Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar comes from the Cocos Nucifera L. trees of Indonesia. It is extracted from the sap of the blossoms of the coconut palm – the sugary fluid which circulates in the plant. 

An ancient system, still passed down today from father to son, is used to harvest it. 

Farmers make a cut on the spadix and the sap starts to flow from the cut. The spadix is composed of small yellowish flowers and has around 50 secondary branches, protected externally by a large concave spathe. 

Every year each plant produces from 6 to 12 inflorescences at different times. 

The sugary secretion extracted is collected in small containers. The operation is normally carried out in the morning and in the afternoon. The sap is then exposed to heat until most of the water has evaporated and the sap can be made into blocks. 

The result is a crystalline sugar of a golden hue. It has excellent sweetening power, a light caramel flavour and a low glycemic index of 35.

We choose this raw sugar for our bars because we believe it best represents our concept of Raw, being an excellent product which is minimally processed

Although the difficulty involved in extraction makes it expensive, we feel that the resulting taste of our products more than makes up for the extra expense.