Cacao Butter

Cacao Butter


Cacao butter is the fatty part of cacao beans. Depending on the genetic type of the plant, beans can have a natural percentage of cacao butter of up to 57%.

The cacao mass is pressed with special machines which separate the fatty part – the butter – from the non-fatty part – the cacao cake. The cacao butter is gathered in liquid form.

Natural cacao butter, such as the one we use, which is not deodorized or processed in any way, is of a deep yellow-beige colour and has aromatic characteristics similar to those of cacao.

Selecting the right cacao butter is fundamental since it greatly affects the quality of the chocolate.

Cacao butter is also an ideal ingredient for various uses in the kitchen since it is a vegetable fat, has a high smoke point (230 °c) and does not contain cholesterol.