Balinese Fleur de Sel

Balinese Fleur de Sel


Balinese Fleur de Sel is gathered by hand from the splendid salterns of the black volcanic sands on the eastern coast of Bali, using a traditional method dating back over 900 years.

The body of water between Bali and Lombok is extremely deep and contains several coral reefs, which contribute to the richness and purity of the salt.

At dawn seawater is collected in wicker buckets by saltern workers. It is then taken, on shoulder yokes, to sand which has been smoothed, onto which it is thrown with regular arm movements.

During the day the sun evaporates the water leaving flakes of salted sand.

At dusk the flakes are collected and filtered again and again with water.

The resulting liquid has a much higher concentration of salt than sea water and contains  no impurities.

It is then exposed to the sun in hollowed-out trunks where it evaporates, leaving an exceedingly white salt as residue. This salt is extremely aromatic, enhancing the natural taste of food, and contains many minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium and zinc.