Direct & EcoTrade


After careful selection, cacao beans are bought directly from farmers, following the philosophy of “Direct Trade Cacao”, in order to promote the independent development of communities in the places of origin and support the cultivation of this marvellous fruit.

In recent years, there has been growing awareness on the part of small farmers that their work must be valorized. They have set up consortiums and associations through which they can set the selling price of cacao and speak directly to foreign buyers, something which was previously impossible.

This has enabled them to create real “networks” through which they not only market their products but also come together and learn new ways of tackling together the problems of their work.

The result is that ever greater care is being taken of the environment. Farmers are now the greatest exponents of the return to respecting and safeguarding the land on which they work. Cacao cannot be seen as just a simple raw material. The time has come to valorize all those who grow it, paying them the right price for their efforts.

In this way the genetic diversity of different types of cacao can also be preserved for the future.

This diversity is a treasure which must not be lost. Our products are a small contribution to the efforts of all those who, with toil, enthusiasm and dedication, have allowed us to realize our dream.