55% Dark Milk

55% Dark Milk

Dark Milk
Cacao Ecuador & Italian Milk




Milk Chocolate with high percentage of cacao.
55% min. cacao

50 g

A milk chocolate able to delight the palate thanks to the wide range of its sensory notes.




Energy584 kcal / 2444 kJ
Fat42 g
of which saturates27,3 g
Carbohydrate38,6 g
of which sugars29,5 g
Protein11,1 g
Salt0,2 g

Ingredients: 55% min. Cacao. Organic cacao beans, Italian whole milk, cane sugar, organic cacao butter; Emulsifier: organic sunflower lecithin. Contains milk and may contain traces of nuts.

Note: the best cacao of Ecuador meets the delicious Italian milk to treat with delicious creaminess and notes of fruit, flowers and roasted nuts.

For us, a good bar of milk chocolate must first contain a good percentage of cacao. In this case we have guaranteed this choice using the excellent cacao from Ecuador. To this we added Inalpi milk, the first and only milk powder produced in Italy. The milk is delivered by about 500 producers resident in the provinces of Cuneo, Turin and Asti who have signed a protocol of the supply chain within the Piedmont Alpine area, which sets the production standards. A 100% Italian, 100% Piedmont and 100% Alpine milk