Production Chain & Sustainable Work


The word ‘orìgin’ comes from the Latin origo-gĭnis which derives from oriri “to rise, to be born, to originate, to commence”. It is the beginning, the first manifestation of something: the way in which it is formed.

In these pages we examine the origins of our products through their Production Chain System: the history of their ingredients. 

We often hear the phrase Production Chain System, more specifically Controlled Chain System.

The term is used to define the sequence of successive stages of processing followed in order to obtain a certain finished product. In this sense we speak of vertical integration – each worker carries out a stage which will lead on to the following stage.

Our own Production Chain System is very important to us as is that of the ingredients we use. These ingredients, from Italy and abroad, are of excellent quality. They are produced with all due respect for the environment and for people.

You can discover our products through those who have decided to change their lives, by investing in ethical work which has markedly improved the area in which they live, or those who, in their daily work, pass on the, at times ancient, traditions of their native land.