72% Peru

72% Peru

Organic Dark Chocolate
Piura Albino




Organic Dark Choclate
72% min. cacao

50 g

The ideal percentage of cacao to enjoy a fine dark chocolate




Energy547 kcal / 2292 kJ
Fat39 g
of which saturates24,6 g
Carbohydrate42,5 g
of which sugars27,8 g
Protein7,2 g
Salt0,0 g

International Chocolate Awards – European Bean to Bar Competition 2019
*Silver: Aruntam – Sensory Chocolate (Italy) – 72% Peru – Piura Albino
*Special – Vegan: Aruntam – Sensory Chocolate (Italy) – 72% Peru – Piura Albino

Ingredients: 72% min. Cacao. Organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic cacao butter. Emulsifier: organic sunflower lecithin. May contain traces of milk and nuts.

Notes: marked creaminess with notes of honey, stewed prunes, exotic fruit and molasses. A lingering final with hints of flowers and nuts.


On the coastal strip north of the country, on the border with Ecuador, is the region of Piura, where grows one of the rarest cacao in the world: Cacao Blanco de Piura. The broad beans of this Cacao of Nacional genetics are white because they do not contain anthocyanins, the pigments usually present in the Cocoa and in some vegetables, responsible for example of the colour of the eggplants. It is the small local farmers who control the entire supply chain to obtain only the best from the processing of their cocoa seeds.
Piura cacao is distinguished by its “delicacy”, even when it is transformed into a dark chocolate, a great creaminess remains with distinctive fruit notes, delicate citric notes and hints of nuts.